Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Storm, as we all have known her.... is now dead.

That festival, on the moon...... Her special ceremony, they sacrificed her to the god of all gods. Apparently, they believe that space represented the evil half of the universe, while time being opposite, was the good half, sort of like yin and yang.... so they destroyed the evil half in order to try and bring about the age of enlightenment, where they would all be transformed and be able to choose their own destinies, and finally be able to live in the light. She has now been sacrificed, and i am also trying to work on my time powers to rewind this horrible mess.

Fly on to the stars my friends,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Guess what my beloved readers! I have found a way around Silence's "go to school" rule!
All I have to do is go on the school program, which makes me one of the bosses! I LOVE THIS! MWHAHAHAHA I AM IN CHARGE NOW!!...Well I still have to listen to normies...but not as much!

Also, this place doesn't give me healthy lunches! They give me chocolate cake, bacon and Dr.Pepper! YUM!

The day was pretty calm, but on the way home I ran into some trouble. Some more of those giant wasp things showed up and I had to kill them. Do they seriously think I'm gonna keep it?...again? I'm not stupid!...They were never that cool anyway...I don't even know what they were thinking when they created them...I mean...they don't even have any defenses other than their poisonous sting...Oh well, I have already come to terms with the fact that I will never understand the minds of those scientists.

Ok now for the ALERT part! Well, as most of your have seen, we have another enemy. This enemy is FLYERSRULE77. He has purposefully insulted the Coven, more specifically Lilac cause we do know who he is. Anyway, if you see him on any of our blogs, please inform me and the others. It would be much appreciated.

Time to Fly,