Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update on the Wasp

Ummmm....yeah...The wasp is kinda...dead....

Silence did his studies and discovered that the wasp possessed human DNA and his stinger was filled with deadly poison that would even kill me and him quite easily. It seems that the wasp's human DNA effected its brain, so when he heard that he was discovered, he attacked Silence. Then I kinda panicked and the wasp kinda burned to death...To bad...he would have made an interesting friend...though with his human DNA...I would have never allowed him in my room alone...

We are not completely sure that the wasp's brain was really effected by the human DNA to the point that he would possess the same thinking patterns and instincts as us or a normal human, but it is a plausible hypothesis that Silence and I formed...

But yeah...if anyone was wondering about him...that's what became of the puppy wasp...poo

Time to Fly,

Wow...I REALLY don't sound like myself in this post do I? Oh well...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Giant Wasp

...ummm are wasps supposed to be as big as my tv?...Cause I found one that is...and I think it wants to kill me...only its not doing anything....just lifting its butt up and down...Its kinda cute in a "I'm gonna kill you" insecty way...Kinda looks like a puppy in the position that its in...CAN I KEEP IT!?

Time to Fly,

P.S. I'll try to keep you updated on Mr. Wasp...I should name him, but Silence says not to grow attached until we know if he...I think its a a threat or not...So he has to stay in the secret containment room...poor puppy wasp...maybe he'd like sugar...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Disney World

Hey everyone!

From now on I am taking Silence's advise and ignoring any rude Sonar-obsessed fans! YAY ME!

Anyway, flying the human way was fun! Its soooooo different than using my wings!...Though we almost died on the way home...we were flying through a storm...probably would have been safer with Storm around! The only complaint I have is that on the way back...the flight attendant person was VERY peppy...SCARY PEPPY...

Well Florida was AWESOME! I love it! I was completely in my element with all the heat! Though my bed was kind of broken...Echo got the good bed...

OH ROLLER COASTERS! I GOT ECHO OBSESSED WITH THEM!!! Sonar hates them and now ECHO LOVES THEM! GO US! EMBRACE THE AWESOMENESS!!!! hehehehehehehe We rode Rockin Roller Coaster, Dueling Dragons (the ice one) and I rode the Hulk, Echo didn't though cause that was before she embraced the awesomeness. We also rode the Tower of Terror(twice), the Haunted Mansion, the barge ride that got us so soaked that we bought new cloths...Echo wouldn't let me dry myself my way...ummm we rode these two dropping water rides OH! That reminds me! THE WATER PARK!!! SUMMIT PLUMMET!!! AND SLUSHER GUSHER!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! ONE THE FIRST ONE YOU PLUMMET TO YOUR DOOM!!!!!

Ohhhhhh Lets not forget the wondrous Epcot...with its wall of deadly chopsticks....I BOUGHT TWO NEW PAIRS!! ...I WOULD have gotten the beautiful Japanese katana, it was perfectly balanced with an engraved blade and a dragon took my breathe away...

Well anyway! Lets not forget the Medieval dinner! It was so much fun! We had to eat everything with our hands! And we kept egging the green knight on and cheering like crazy for the yellow knight! YELLOW KNIGHT WON!!! MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Oh! Then in animal kingdom we rode Mt. Everest and I bought a baby Simba stuffed animal, I couldn't help it! It was soooooooooooooo CUTE!

Oh and the plane kinda crashed, but nobody got really hurt and they were all knocked unconscious, Echo healed everyone who had injuries and I fixed the plane, so no big deal! We got everyone back up in the air in no time!

Time to Fly,

Thursday, April 9, 2009

To Flying Trapeze or whatever/ To good readers in the ending the Sonar thing? Storm is safe and she seems to be having some fun...also if they believe her to be a goddess then she can just make up some story about her being called away by one of the other gods or something! If she wants help than I will go!

Two, I don't kill Sonar because it is Echo's wish for him to remain alive and unharmed and I respect her wishes, though if he hurts her in any way, shape or form...then there will be a problem and I will rearrange his innards.

Plus who are you to make these kind of comments? If you don't have something nice to say than why don't you shut up because nobody wants to hear it!

To everyone who cares about my furry friends, they are fine though the boys got a bit roughed up because they decided the attack was a time to show off to their girls...
And I think that they were attacked to get to me...I'm thinking about letting them go back to their old lives...I don't want them to get hurt anymore...Schitz really is with I guess him and Angel will live with her...I don't know...

Well Time to Fly,