Thursday, July 23, 2009

The School's Attack

I guess I should fill everyone in on what happened...Echo filled in most of it...And mine and Silence's time at the school wasn't as action packed as hers. The scientists weren't taking any chances even if they did know our weakness.

I'll start with when Storm and Sonar came back. All they said was that they were able to escape somehow...they gave us no explanation and we didn't ask any questions because we all knew what it was like to be captured and experimented on...Its not something that you really want to think about...But I did notice something off..even if Echo didn't. She was blinded by the fact that Sonar was back in her arms. Anyway, Sonar and Storm DID act different when they returned...but I foolishly brushed it off, making myself believe that it was just their new experiences that made them act like that...What a fool I was...

An ambush came, shortly after our flock was reunited...It was terrible. We were surrounded before we had any idea of what was happening. Me and Silence fought side-by-side, just like old times. In all the chaos, we were all separated. I could see all of the flock...all of them except Jewel...But I couldn't worry about her at that moment...After i took out some enemies, I looked down, only to see Sonar and Storm walking willingly into the back of the van...I couldn't understand...Before, neither of them would EVER even THINK about turning themselves in, yet there they were. I looked around and saw the Echo had been defeated and was being carried down. This wasn't right...I tried to get to her only to hear Silence yell out, I turned to him in alarm only to see him begin to fall and then....nothing...

When I woke up, I was in some dark metal room...I tried to move, but I immediately felt pain, it felt like millions of volts of electricity were surging through my body. I heard a groan beside me and turned to see Silence. I warned him not to move, before looking around. I didn't remember this room being in any of the other Schools that we've been it must be something new that they created to hold us. There was only one door in the room and no windows or vents. One exit. I tested the metal of the room by kicking it. Nothing. Not one dent. I seems that those idiots had finally learned something...guess you can teach an old dog new tricks...

Anyway...Some whitecoats were always in the room observing us like we were some exhibit. They had us drugged every two hours to keep us weak and kept taking samples from us, blood, skin, hair, feathes, you name it and they probably took a sample of it. They also decided to see how long I could stand getting electrocuted...I stayed conscious for quite a bit...and was in pain ever second...after that specific test...I couldn't move for hours.... I felt so useless and vulnerable...

This continued for awhile until the time finally came that they forgot to drug us...well...actually they didn't just forget...they actually got so angry with me that they slapped me and stormed out...but since we weren't drugged, our strength returned. We weren't at full strength but it was enough to get out of our bonds. I quickly scanned the building for any of the flock and saw that Storm was one floor up, but the thing that shocked me most was that both Sonar and Echo were in the training arena...I scanned again to try and find Jewel..but she wasn't there...I couldn't find her...But I knew we had to move with a push from Silence, I quickly flew out the door and I located the stairs since it seemed the entire place was made of that metal and we flew up into the room that held Storm. She was lying on a table in the center of the room motionless, I didn't waste time to check her cause I knew we had to get out, so I grabbed her and we headed to the training arena.

Suddenly, we heard screams of agony from directly above us and we jumped up, using all of our energy to crash through to the area above...but what we found...was horrible...blood was all over and on one side was Echo, shaking Sonar desperately. I tried to snap her out of it. Get her to leave. She wouldn't...she just wouldn't leave him. I quickly glanced at the door and saw that the scientists were trying to get in and knew that if we were going to escape, it had to be now. I looked at Silence trying to make him understand and then watched as he picked up Sonar and took off into the sky. I pushed Echo once more and she followed in a daze. Then with one final glance at the people who ruined our lives, I flew and didn't look back again.

After we couldn't fly any longer and our energy had finally ran out, we found an abandoned cabin and buried Storm and Sonar...They deserved so much more...a better was the best that we could do...Once they were buried, I wandered off by myself...I know it was stupid...but I needed to be alone...two of our flock were dead and the youngest was still missing...what happened to Jewel? Did she manage to avoid capture? Was she sent to another School?...Where is she? Where's my baby girl?

I swear to all who read this...I WILL find her...I WILL avenge Sonar and Storm's deaths and I WILL stop the School...I will get my revenge and if I die, I'll make sure that I take them with me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So it begins again

Jeeze, just when a bird-girl finally thinks she can have a semi-normal life THIS happens. I guess we're back again....but this time two flock members least fighting members...Storm...Sonar.... Both are gone forever and this time, they won't be coming back. The sad thing and Sonar were finally beginning to get along...yeah I know its a shocker huh? But without the tension that the School created, we found common ground and interests.

Anyway...It seems that the School isn't gone, they disappeared to get our guard down and worked. Now we're back to the original three..yeah i said three...Jewel is missing, she's just gone...and I'm worried sick...She was like my kid...u know? I just hope she's ok...If they hurt her...I don't know if I'll stay in the right set of mind...

Beware...For so long I have been a pretty calm little experiment...The scientists DON'T know what they're dealing with. The little outburst of my childhood is NOTHING compared to what I'll do to them. They thought little temper-tantrum Radar was bad, think again! They seem to forget that they don't have much info on US, we ARE the originals and we ARE the most dangerous. The flock's back stronger and more vengeful than ever...We don't forget...We don't forgive...And we will make them PAY!

Radar (The perfect nightmare)