Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So it begins again

Jeeze, just when a bird-girl finally thinks she can have a semi-normal life THIS happens. I guess we're back again....but this time two flock members short...at least fighting members...Storm...Sonar.... Both are gone forever and this time, they won't be coming back. The sad thing is...me and Sonar were finally beginning to get along...yeah I know its a shocker huh? But without the tension that the School created, we found common ground and interests.

Anyway...It seems that the School isn't gone, they disappeared to get our guard down and sadly...it worked. Now we're back to the original three..yeah i said three...Jewel is missing, she's just gone...and I'm worried sick...She was like my kid...u know? I just hope she's ok...If they hurt her...I don't know if I'll stay in the right set of mind...

Beware...For so long I have been a pretty calm little experiment...The scientists DON'T know what they're dealing with. The little outburst of my childhood is NOTHING compared to what I'll do to them. They thought little temper-tantrum Radar was bad, think again! They seem to forget that they don't have much info on US, we ARE the originals and we ARE the most dangerous. The flock's back stronger and more vengeful than ever...We don't forget...We don't forgive...And we will make them PAY!

Radar (The perfect nightmare)

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Salom said...

for the record i knew you were coming back.